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In-person and online programs, activities & retreats for single mothers.


Acts of Service

Time and resources to support the spiritual needs of single mothers.


Transformative Faith

Retreats and faith-based activities that transform pain into hope.


Education & Outreach

Changing the culture and perception around single mother families.


Momentum Welcomes You!

A faith community for single mothers

Our Services

We offer various in-person and online services for single mothers




"For the past 5 years, I have been looking to find even one single, Catholic mom to have in my life and this retreat gave me 25 or so! The shutdowns during the pandemic, coupled with a time of having very few friends, because of a recent move, has made my life very lonely. This retreat weekend helped me to see that I’m not alone; especially as a single parent."


"Momentum is a big family that gets together, regardless where you are. It is a holy space where I have been able to be open and share my experiences, difficulties and challenges of being a single mom. It is where I have experienced the love of God through each member of the group, we give and get strength from each other."


"The retreat was a pivotal moment for me and my girls. I was reminded that God is with us in all of our trials and triumphs. And I now have a group of beautiful, like-minded women, all sharing our stories and supporting each other on our life journey. I am so grateful to be a part of Momentum and its mission and am looking forward to where God leads us in the future."

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